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  • Julie DuChateau


  • Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Julie D
Multimedia designer with a creative & technical background.

I am a multimedia designer with over 13 years of experience in a variety of industries. I understand the importance of problem solving, brand identity, efficiency and the challenges to stay up to date with current technology. I believe design and development should be created with the user in mind.

Skillset includes (but not limited to):

Web Design & Development • UX/UI Design • Prototyping SoftwareVarious Content Management System (CMS) Platforms • HTML/CSS Coding • Responsive Email Marketing Design/Development • Logo Design • Creative Marketing Materials • Packaging Design • Tradeshow Display Design • Screen Printing • Illustration • Creative Powerpoint/Keynote Presentations • Animation • Adaptive Design

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My Skills

I have been using Adobe Photoshop for over 20 years at an advanced level.

Please download my complete resume here.

Illustrator is my go to application for all things vector. I do a lot of page layout work in Illustrator (brochures, postcards, advertising) and also use it for many designs requiring spot color separation (screen-printing). The addition of multi-page spreads in CS5/CS6 has turned Illustrator into a tool that I use almost daily.

I rely on InDesign for multi-page spreads, including, but not limited to brochures, advertising, and catalog layout.

I use Dreamweaver for both it's code and design views. Although I do write and troubleshoot my own HTML most of the time, Dreamweaver helps keep everything organized and is easy to use. I have worked in Dreamweaver for over 10 years.

Although I don't consider myself a Flash expert, I am capable of basic animations when requested in Flash instead of HTML5. I have been designing web and exe animations since Flash's predecessor, Macromedia Director (1997).

HTML & CSS are ever evolving coding languages so I keep up with the latest web developing trends, CSS, HTML5 and browser updates. I can handcode and troubleshoot browser support issues. My experience includes static HTML websites as well as Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal.

I have experience using all Microsoft Office applications and have designed creative PowerPoint presentations. Letterhead designs I have designed in Adobe Illustrator have been translated over to Word so clients can use the digital versions easily in a format they are comfortable with.

I design and develop on both a PC and a MAC. I am very knowledgeable in troubleshooting issues on both platforms.


Andrews University

School of Technology

Bachelor of Technology cum laude, focus: Visual Communications, 1999

Studied all aspects of design and development including multimedia design, advertising design, branding, copywriting, exhibition design, illustration, information design, packaging and web design.


This is just a small sample of many projects I have worked on. Note: Images enlarge to show more detail.

  • Ross School of Business :: Responsive Email Marketing

    Responsive design & development of module email templates. Staff can choose from various layouts for their email campaigns.

  • MLK Symposium Poster :: University of Michigan

    Digital poster for the Martin Luther King Jr. Symposium Lecture

  • Ross School of Business :: Plasma Poster

    Handleman Lecture Series 2013

  • Ross School of Business :: Plasma Poster

    Handleman Lecture Series 2014

  • Michigan Ross School of Business :: Website

    Worked with team to design & develop user experience, update and maintain design elements, design and build graphics, modules and pages.

  • Ross School of Business :: Website for admitted students

    Helped develop design with outside agency. Edit and deploy updates as needed.

  • Digital Advertising :: Linked In

    Static digital ad designed for Linked In, matches an animated ad as well.

  • Customized Facebook & Twitter

    Customizing social media sites is important for brand management and minor details matter such as fitting the entire logo into a little square box!

  • City of Tecumseh
    City of Tecumseh

    I have developed several websites for the City of Tecumseh over the past 10 years. The current city site and DDA site are built on a CMS, allowing for the various departments to update their own pages.

    The Downtown Development Authority website recently won a first place award for Best Website, city under 50,000, through the Michigan Economic Development Association.

    Tecumseh Center for the Arts

  • Property Management Company

    Logos + Business Cards + Custom Die-Cut Brochures for four properties owned by one management company.

  • Content Management Based Websites

    A few examples of recent customized CMS websites. Content Management Systems allow the owner of the website to update minor content on their own with little knowledge of HTML. More difficult updating tasks are still taken care of by me. Please note: sites may be currently managed by someone other than myself- so images, etc can vary in quality.

  • Basic Websites

    A few websites recently designed using various ideas desired by client:

    I have designed/developed or been on a design team on over 100 websites.

  • My Urban Toddler

    Helped develop the brand identity for My Urban Toddler. Since 2007, I have designed logos, websites, brochures, advertising more.

  • McIntosh Grounds

    Another brand identity sample. Items designed include logo, presentation folder with matching inserts, business cards, letterhead, website, postcards and more.

  • Arturo Sandoval LIVE DVD

    Ann Arbor Summer Festival asked me to create the artwork for the Arturo Sandoval Live DVD, a jazz musician from Miami. Project included DVD cover, 4 page insert and DVD label.

  • Screen Print Design

    Screen printing is still a very primitive process, however good screen print designs are very advanced.

    Designing for apparel has it's own challenges that are different from print design or web design. The designer has to take into consideration limited ink colors, garment color(s), fine details and holes that may fill in, screen mesh and squeegee angle.